The weekly Pizza Ride has come a long way from humble beginnings and thanks to our friends in the philly cycling community has grown into one of the biggest rides in the city.  The best part of Pizza Ride?  It ends at In Riva East Falls for pizza and beer specials!  Come check it out and ask for a free round from Clint!!     


For 2018 we will have multiple rides every week:

A "thrill" Ride: Follows the famed "T-Dawg Loop" every week and pace varies depending on who shows up.  Riders are expected to know the route as this is a drop ride. 

T-Dawg Loop GPX file download

T-Dawg Loop TCX file download

B "chill" Ride: Different route every week!  #phillyisgreatforcycling so lets go exploring.  This is a no-drop ride, all skill levels welcome.

DIRT OPTION: There's usually a MTB or cross ride available, check the Instagram to confirm.  


Every Tuesday, 6pm. We update Instagram by 3pm on Tuesdays with ride details


Start: the fountain


Finish: In-Riva, East Falls